From paper to Kindles to iPads to…hay?

This week, Lindesay Irvine of The Guardian describes how the first 300 copies of Margaret Atwood’s newest book are being printed on a new type of paper, made completely of recycled paper and straw (read article here).

Given her enormous influence in the literary world, it is heartening that Atwood chose this type of paper for this limited-edition run; with the growing popularity of e-book technology, one would think that paper-related technology would be at a standstill.  With this new breed of paper, we capture the feeling of the book in our hands, but halve the environmental impact.  If the price of this paper can be reduced to the price of traditional paper, we may have a revolution on our hands.

Anyone who has read Atwood’s many novels knows that she sits comfortably at the intersection of “literary” fiction and science fiction, and is a master of merging the best of history with what has yet to come. For those who still want to feel pages between their fingers – this may be the next big thing.

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