Spring Break: heading for the sea

With my older daughter home from school for the week, my mom and stepdad braved the long car drive down to the Outer Banks with me and the girls, for a few days in a hotel by the beach. Though the girls wanted to spend most of our visit at the indoor pool (and I … Continue reading Spring Break: heading for the sea

Asking for what you want: submissions and gender

My two daughters - let's call them OD and YD - resemble me in many predictable ways. Seven-year-old OD has hair that relentlessly tangles in the same spot as mine, loves writing and rhyme, and is a tomboy in the best sense of the word. Three-year-old YD has my oversized cheeks, laid-back manner, and love … Continue reading Asking for what you want: submissions and gender


We have another reason to celebrate this season: although the Mayan calendar suggested that the world would end on Friday - the day of winter solstice - we continue as we were. I love how Timothy Steele brings the holidays and astronomy together in his contemporary holiday poem, "Toward the Winter Solstice." Here's an excerpt … Continue reading Rejoicing

For Newtown

In a season of light, we find ourselves in darkness. I signed several petitions on SignOn.org, in the hope that gun control will finally be seriously addressed in the New Year. ...The days Are all variety, blowing; Aswirl in a perpetual current Of wind, shadow, sun, I marvel at the capacity Of memory Which, in … Continue reading For Newtown