Asking for what you want: submissions and gender

My two daughters - let's call them OD and YD - resemble me in many predictable ways. Seven-year-old OD has hair that relentlessly tangles in the same spot as mine, loves writing and rhyme, and is a tomboy in the best sense of the word. Three-year-old YD has my oversized cheeks, laid-back manner, and love … Continue reading Asking for what you want: submissions and gender

My Favorite Irish Poets

  I won't be one of the many imbibing on St. Patrick's Day this Sunday. But as a fan of Irish poetry - at least that written in English - I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments. Contemporary Irish poet Eavan Boland beautifully extracts a place from its political past in "How … Continue reading My Favorite Irish Poets


We have another reason to celebrate this season: although the Mayan calendar suggested that the world would end on Friday - the day of winter solstice - we continue as we were. I love how Timothy Steele brings the holidays and astronomy together in his contemporary holiday poem, "Toward the Winter Solstice." Here's an excerpt … Continue reading Rejoicing