Poems for Memorial Day

As I did last Memorial Day, I'm posting excerpts from poems that especially speak to me today. I hope you enjoy these, and will share some of your favorites in the comments. 1) "It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers" by Margaret Atwood (full text here): ...Now I am grownup and literate, and I sit in my … Continue reading Poems for Memorial Day

My Top Five Poems about Motherhood

With Mother's Day coming up next Sunday, I'm adding to last year's list of poems that I love about motherhood. Enjoy! 1) From "Thanking My Mother for Piano Lessons" by Diane Wakoski (full text here): I want to thank my mother for letting me wake her up sometimes at 6 in the morning when I … Continue reading My Top Five Poems about Motherhood


We have another reason to celebrate this season: although the Mayan calendar suggested that the world would end on Friday - the day of winter solstice - we continue as we were. I love how Timothy Steele brings the holidays and astronomy together in his contemporary holiday poem, "Toward the Winter Solstice." Here's an excerpt … Continue reading Rejoicing