Creating the book cover for “Between Gods”

The book cover for “Between Gods” is now on display on the publisher’s website here, along with blurbs and sample poems.

The cover was designed by graphic designer Terri Edillon, featuring artwork (“The World”) by German artist Catrin Welz-Stein. (The print is available for purchase here. )

My publisher usually designs book covers in-house, but I am fortunate to have a friend who works in graphic design, Terri Edillon, who offered her design services, as well as assistance locating an image that would reflect the themes in the book. Once I saw Welz-Stein’s images, I knew one of them would be a perfect fit.

Part of my attraction to this artist’s work is the process she uses to create art. She finds old images, and melds them into new content using PhotoShop. Throughout my poetry, I see the same kind of inclination: ripping ancient characters from their stories and placing them in a modern context, and documenting the metamorphoses that strike and scar us. “The World” – with its image of a woman in space, suspended by something we cannot see, dangling a planet purse-like from her hand – seemed to me the perfect image to represent the book. She is suspended between worlds, but it is not a powerless Icarus-descent. (Ok, that’s my 10-cent liberal arts-major analysis! I’ll stop now. )

4 thoughts on “Creating the book cover for “Between Gods”

  1. Very interesting. At this point, my wife and I are also trying to figure out what type of cover we’d like to put on our book. Thanks for sharing this, as it might give us some ideas on where to start.

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