Art as Inspiration

“Satellites” by Marina Di Carlo

On Saturday night, I went to an “Art Crawl” at the Columbia Pike Artists Studios near Washington D.C. My artist friend Marina Di Carlo recently set up shop there, and I bought one of her pieces, “Satellites,” that I’d been coveting on her website. It’s a very modern piece, but the gold tones and intricate circles in the background remind me of Klimt – probably why I was drawn to it. I’m looking forward to writing a poem inspired by the piece, especially now that I can see the details up close.

I’ve written a number of poems inspired by art, which are now in my book, Between Gods. Sometimes when I’m feeling blocked and can’t think of a subject to write about, flipping though one of my art books of Klimt, Vermeer, or Matisse gets me going again, gives me a place to start.

Here are some of my poems inspired by Klimt, which originally appeared in the Notre Dame Review and now appear on the online journal, Redux. Enjoy!

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