Donna Lewis Cowan is the author of the poetry collection Between Gods.  Her work appears in Crab Orchard ReviewDMQ Review, Notre Dame Review, 32 Poems, and Measure, among other publications

She became interested in writing poetry at Virginia Tech, studying with writers Thomas Gardner and Lucinda Roy.  She also attended the MFA Creative Writing program at George Mason University, receiving a University Fellowship and Virginia Downs Poetry Award.  She is currently an editor for the federal government and lives in the Washington, D.C. area. She can be contacted here.

Her favorite poems include:

“Preludes” by T.S. Eliot

“The Way Things Work” by Jorie Graham

“Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes.” by Rilke (Stephen Mitchell translation)

“Mortal Shower” by Bob Hicok

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Donna,

    I just wanted to introduce myself since Word Tech/Cherry Grove is also publishing my book of poems (“Throat Singing”) in March 2012. Being Cohen and Cowan, we’re next door neighbors in the catalogue. I live in the San Francisco Bay area.

    Love the cover of your book. Good luck with your launch!

    Susan Cohen

    1. Hi, nice to “meet” you! Your sample poems on the website are great – looks like it will be a fantastic book. Love the painting on the book cover too – who did that? We are in the SF area often – have family out that way – so maybe we could look into doing a reading together at some point?

      Hope you’re having a great holiday season! D

      1. Thanks, Donna. The cover is a collage that my daughter, Sarah Loyola, did for the book. I love the way she conceptualized “Throat Singing” and, of course, it’s terrific to have a personal connection to the artist. If you know when you’ll be in the Bay Area, let me know far enough in advance and I’ll contact some local venues. It would be fun to do a “Cherry Grove poets” reading.

        Happy New Year,

  2. Hi, Donna–
    I just belatedly found your post in reply to my own blog post about running a poetry book contest… I’m sorry to have take so long to get back to you! It’s wonderful to find out what’s going on in other poets’ lives, and I am intrigued by your upcoming book. Will have to get it! In your note to me, you mentioned that you would be interested in being a reader for the Washington Prize. If you are still interested, I think it would be a great partnership. Now that we have online submissions as well as paper, we can have readers all over the country! Could you email me at nancywhitepoetry@gmail.com if you are still interested? Talk to you soon, I hope–

  3. Hi Donna,
    Things perplexing around here, but just happened to click in to your site. I like the Eliot I have read. Yes, a reading in SF area might be a great venture. Any other projects in the works?

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