The Basket of Curiosities

I have trouble getting anything done when there is visible clutter. This morning, the house was overrun with scattered toys, cuttings from various papers, books, and game pieces. So I spent twenty minutes getting everything back to its container and shelf.¬†Unfortunately, there are always items that defy classification, don't really have a place: kid's meal … Continue reading The Basket of Curiosities

Kids at poetry readings

Last night, I took an enormous leap of faith and took my first grader to her first poetry reading. This particular reading - part of the Iota Reading Series curated by Miles David Moore and hosted by Iota Club & Cafe in Arlington, Virginia - seemed a good fit. I promised her a brownie sundae, … Continue reading Kids at poetry readings

“Storm of the century” redux (didn’t we just do this?)

After a derecho this summer and another major storm just a month ago, we're again preparing for what's been dubbed "Frankenstorm," a wide swath of rain and snow that's likely to paralyze the East Coast for days. We're charging our electronics, making tons of ice to keep refrigerator food cold, moving items in the basement … Continue reading “Storm of the century” redux (didn’t we just do this?)

“The way things work:” reconstruction and Jorie Graham

I'm having some sort of mid-life crisis when it comes to my house. Suddenly I want to change everything: rip shelves out, move the furniture, paint every room a different color. Last night I spent hours perusing paint web sites, trying hundreds of colors on the online walls. And today I bought paint samples, despite … Continue reading “The way things work:” reconstruction and Jorie Graham